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Asosiasi Usaha Kecil Menengah Indonesia


That small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are part of the Indonesian economy which also contribute to the country’s foreign exchange earnings, spur economic growth and are part of the national development planning as set forth in article 27 paragraph 1 and article 33 paragraph 1 of the 1945 Constitution;

That efforts to promote welfare, prosperity, productivity and consumption should not create widening disparities between small and medium businesses and large scale companies;

That medium economic businesses serve as the backbone of the economy of the vast majority of the Indonesian people in all economic sectors that need guidance and support from the state;

That small and medium enterprises should have the same right as large scale businesses in terms of capital, promotion and marketing as well as conducive business climate to develop and increase their businesses;

That small and medium enterprises share responsibilities for building the image of Indonesian heritage through quality and creative world-class products;

That to carry out the common struggles, small and medium enterprises have assembled themselves into an organization to unite their struggles to realize the mission of promoting small and medium businesses through the domestic and overseas promotion and marketing of their quality and creative products in order to promote small and medium scale economies and improve the welfare of small and medium entrepreneurs in particular and the Indonesian people in general;

That the creation of an organization as a forum of small and medium entrepreneurs to accommodate the aspirations of its members is guaranteed by the law as contained in article 28 of the 1945 Constitution and the organization also functions as a means of protecting its members against the effect of global market and free trade;

That to achieve these goals, with a sense of responsibility, small and medium entrepreneurs set up an organization by the grace of God Almighty.

The name of the organization is INDONESIA SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES ASSOCIATION, locally known as Asosiasi Usaha Kecil Menengah, abbreviated into ISMEA. ISMEA is an organization of small and medium business agents and activists as Indonesian citizens that serve as the partner of the government and private institutions, both domestic and overseas, within the scope of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Objectives and Activities

ISMEA aims to : promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as stakeholders in deciding their needs and interests at regional and national levels; accommodate the interests and needs of SMEs with regard to their existence in the local, regional and international markets; 3. establish cooperation with various domestic and foreign parties in improving the quality and creativity of production as well as in promoting and marketing products

Characters of ISMEA

As a means of assembling SMEs across Indonesia that have the same basic attitudes and thoughts to promote SMEs in Indonesia;

As a means of absorbing, gathering, channeling, and struggling for the aspirations of its members in all activities and needs of SMEs to be able to compete with foreign products in terms of quality and creativity;

Protecting its members against the effect of global market and free trade.


Building the image of Indonesian heritage through quality, innovative, competitive and reliable products at an international level for the benefit of the dignity of the nation and state.


Advancing and defending SMEs through the domestic and overseas promotion and marketing of their quality and creative products to be able to competitive in the global market.


ISMEA was formerly a communication and information forum of partners of Smesco, a marketing institution under the aegis of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Businesses. As a Marketing Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises (LLP-UKM), Smesco is the partner of SMEs engaged in domestic production to promote and market their products in both domestic and foreign markets. ISMEA was set up as part of the dynamics of partnership launched by the Smesco leadership during a discussion with Smesco partners in December 2015. On January 15, 2016, the association held its first meeting of members and appointed Endang Rudiatin as its general chief for five-year term of office. SMEs as Smesco partners have been encouraged to be part of stakeholders with regard to programs and activities designed to promote and develop SMEs.


The members of the Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises Association (ISMEA) comprise individuals who are interested in joining the forum and have been approved with status as MEMBER called a member of the Indonesia SME Association (ISMEA) by receiving ISMEA Membership Card.

Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises Association (ISMEA) comes from SMEs across Indonesia that have products of various types and sub-types called multi-products.


Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises Association (ISMEA) comprises ordinary members and honorary members. Ordinary members are those registering with the association as members based upon its articles of association (AD/ART). Honorary members are those appointed automatically for their extraordinary services in developing SMEs in Indonesia as provided for in the articles of association (ART).

Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises Association (ISMEA) has the right and obligation to voice, approve and carry out the working program of the organization.


Indonesia Small Medium Enterprises Association (ISMEA) carries out activities based on SMEs’ needs to increase their production, promotion and marketing and advance the economic sector particularly manufacturing industry

The types of products are multi-products based on potential excellence and intellectual property and natural resources as well as cultural heritage of Indonesia.

Partnership is based on the use of networks and relations with other parties, either individually or institutionally, as the power to achieve common goals.

Research and development is conducted in association with professional third parties by referring to the results of research and development so that the design, promotion and development of products can be measured and accounted for.

The act (practice) of displaying excellent and creative products in exhibitions and promotion venues to promote the economy of small and medium businesses to balance the economic progress of large scale industries is part of national economic development.

Product Exclusivity

Textiles and Garments :
Woven fabrics
Clothes of other types
Knitted fabrics

Footwear, bags and leather jackets
Bags of various types
Various types of leather combined clothes

Culinary Foods and Beverages
Wet foods
Dried foods
Frozen foods
Fast foods
Healthy drinks
Soft drinks

Drinks in powder form

Processed Products
Processed foods from fisheries
Processed foods from marine products other than fish and the like
Processed foods from farm products
Processed foods from plantation products
Herbal foods and drinks

Crafts and Accessories
Interior Design


The organizational structure of ISMEA comprises human resources that hold proper posts according to their respective expertise.

Organizational structure:

Ir. Heppy Trenggono, MBA
Dr. Indra Cahya Uno
Bagus Rahman, SE, MBA

Wibowo Hadiwardoyo, SE, MM
Samsudin Kelana,SH, .Si.
Sri Titin

Dr. Endang Rudiatin, M.Si.

Vice Chief :
Akmal, ST.

Husain Abdul Ais

Alya Farra

Rembulan Gilang Gayatri, SE

Irdanty Johan


Preparing best products for domestic and overseas exhibitions organized by the relevant ministries and institutions including :

Workshop on Branding and Packaging
Product Certification Coaching
Design and Product Photo Coaching
Domestic and export marketing coaching
Fashion show
Seminar on Entrepreneurship; how to be a good entrepreneur



Ketua Umum

Dr. Endang Rudiatin, M.Si

John Doe .........

Ketua Dewan Pengawas

John Doe ..........

Sekretaris Jendral

Alya Farra.

John Doe ..............

Bendahara Umum

Rembulan Gilang Gayatri, SE

John Doe .............

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